What happens at the end of the term?

At the end of your term you have three options:

  1. If you like how things are going, we can extend the contract for a few more years
  2. You may purchase your system
  3. We can remove the system at absolutely no cost to you and remediate the property to its original condition

What happens with weather / snow?

Structural integrity is our first priority when engineering a solar system. Our engineers verify that your building will bear the weight of snow and the solar array. Then, we have a third party confirm this information. Every building is different, but our experience is that most buildings in the District are structurally able to support a solar energy system. Also, our engineers specifically design systems that can withstand extreme weather occurrences.

I can’t put solar on my roof because of too much shade – does New Columbia Solar offer this thing called Community Solar?

New Columbia Solar is trailblazing the community solar efforts in the District. Whether you’re in Northeast or Southwest, you can utilize the power of the sun without having panels on your roof. With community solar, you can benefit from solar energy even when you can’t put solar directly on your roof. We’ll connect you with a solar system in your community and every month, you receive a credit on your electricity bill for the energy produced by your share.