Commercial and Multi-Family

Transform your roof from an unused resource into a value generating asset! We’re bringing renewable energy to commercial and multi-family properties across the District’s eight wards. We work with you to find the best option for your property.

Solar Energy Monetizes Your Roof!

We can boost your building’s NOI by installing solar on your roof or parking area via our 3 core offerings: 

  • Cash Lease: We make direct cash payments to you!

  • Free/Discounted Electricity: We provide you with free or discounted electricity. 

  • Roof/Capital Improvements: We provide you with a new/refurbished roof or a payment to spend however you see fit!

Find out how you can boost your building’s net operating income today.

Receive a free proposal!

We installed 1.5 million Sq. ft of solar throughout the District. With our options for solar leasing, you can think of us like an extra tenant – we pride ourselves on providing our clients with more cash flow and helping them green the local grid!

All of our offerings require $0 upfront or ongoing capital expenditure.


We provide the solar, you enjoy the benefits. It’s that simple.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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